Elastic wraps

These fine 3" elastic wraps have a soft velcro sensitive material woven into the elastic to hold a magnet next to the injured area. The elastic is woven with a breathable opening to keep you cool. These straps are of various lengths to comfortably fit any part of the body. The straps are usually used with the pouches that hold the various sizes of magnets. available in beige -sizes are overall length all have velcro closures Order Catalog # P0086 - specify size




Small - 13"


Medium - 18"


Large - 30"


XL - 44"

 $ 4.00 ea  $ 4,50ea  $ 5.00 ea  $ 7.00 ea  $ 8.00 ea


This first picture shows the Flex & Maxi pouches - The second shows the-Strip,Band,Card and Mini pouches in that order.

It is not always comfortable to wear the magnets directly against the skin. These pouches keep the magnets close to the injured area without having the magnets directly on the skin. These economical pouches are made of a comfortable material with a velcro closure to hold the magnet in and yet allow you to remove the magnet to wash the pocket. They all have a velcro hook material sewn to the pocket so they may be placed anywhere on the elastic straps above. They may be ordered in white or beige.

 Magnet Size  White  Price  Beige  Price
 e-flex  P0071  8.00  NP0072  9.50
 e-maxi  P0061  6.40  NP0062  7.50
 e-mini  P0051  4.50  NP0052  6.00
 e-strip  P0041  6.00  NP0042  7.50
 e-card  P0031  5.40  NP0032  6.90
 e-band  P0021  5.40  NP0022  6.90
 e-sacro P0011  5.40  NP0012  6.90
 e-flex plus  P0001  8.40  NP0002  9.90