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 SCAMPER CLAVICLE STRAP -- new -- 4 way adjustment with moveable velcro fasteners

This device also has four velcro fasteners for easy, accurate adjustment. The moveable velcro double sided hook patches make this the perfect fitting clavicle strap. A generous orthopedic felt back pad to protect the patient, It has two comfortable underarm cushions covered with stockinet. The non stretch webbing is continuous for positive control. Developed in conjunction with Apple Medical (Denver).

T510 Comes in two sizes Small/Medium (for youth and small adult) and Large/Xlarge $ 26.89


 CLAVICLE STRAP- Front Closure

This unusual clavicle strap solves a very difficult problem for those who need to adjust the clavicle strap alone. The design extends the length of the webbing straps allowing the strap to pass through a loop on the back pad and return back over the shoulder to fasten with hook and loop in the front, where a patient may easily adjust the clavicle strap to the proper tension.

T519P Front Closure Ped, S M L XL $ 35.00


 CLAVICLE STRAP- Basic Figure Eight

Constructed of 1" wide webbing and two buckle closures on a felt back pad. A 1/4" foam pad covers the axilla contact area.

T509P Ped S M L XL $ 19.24



Constructed of thin foam axilla pads and hook and loop closures. A QUARTER IS SHOWN FOR SIZE COMPARISON

T519 Infant INFANT ONLY $ 19.24

See below -How to measure for the 519P Clavicle Strap.

How to measure for the 519P Clavicle Strap

Start on the back at the point midway between the shoulder blades go under the armpit over the shoulder and back to the starting point. Double the measurement and find it in the chart below for the proper size.

 Infant 16-20"  Small 32-40"  XLarge 60-72"
 Pediatric 20-26"  Medium 38-52"  
 X Small 26-32"  Large 50-62"  

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