"Shin Splints" is an affliction known to most athletes as a pain originating along the shin. It is caused by vibrations in the shin resulting from athletic activity. The TARTAN Shin Splint alleviates this discomfort by compressing the calf to reduce the vibrations, improving circulation and pressing a neoprene pad along the shin to facilitate the healing process.

"Shin Splints" is the result of weak muscles in the lower leg and foot, which hamper the ability of the foot to absorb the shock. Vibrations in the shin, or tibia, are the result of the shock unabsorbed by the foot. These vibrations strain the connection between the anterior muscle and the tibia, causing small tears in the muscle .

The TARTAN shin splint consists of a velcro sensitive neoprene brace with three velcro closures that wrap around the calf allowing maximum adjustablity for the exact fit and compression that is comfortable for the wearer. The straps compress the calf and press the neoprene pad firmly along the shin for added compression along the afflicted area.


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