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ACROMIOCLAVICULAR SPLINT -- Kenny Howard style -- Improved January 28, 2009




The AC splint is patterned after the original Kenny Howard splint. We have made a few changes to improve on an already sound design. There were some problems with the pressure the "AC to elbow" strap put on the elbow. So, we triangulated the webbing to redirect the pressure from the elbow to the wrist. The larger area means less pressure per square inch and same pressure on the AC. We extended the sling to include the wrist in order to eliminate wrist drop. We padded the inside with kodel to help reduce ulceration. We color coded the straps to aid in the application. We put additional padding on the strap that contacts the AC.

The strap over the AC was redesigned to accommodate the shape of the shoulder. The shoulder adjustment was changed to a velcro strap with a removable double sided hook anchor for ease of use and stability. The use of a quick release plastic buckle allows the patient to free his hand for occasional use, without taking pressure off the AC. The metal buckle configuration was difficult and unreliable , the quick release buckles are much more secure and easier to use.(Kenny Howard style) UNIVERSAL SIZE USE FOR EITHER RIGHT OR LEFT

Instructions: Place the 1 1/2" wide padded webbing strap over the AC. The black 1" wide webbing goes across the chest and around the body attaching to the 1" quick release buckle on the shoulder strap in the back. The long 1.5" velcro strap goes through the black loop at the base of the shoulder strap and doubles back to be fastened with the removable double sided hook anchor. The wrist support attaches to the 1" wide strap in the front of the body, this is the only strap you would need to move in order to change from right to left shoulder. The wrist support strap would then need to be moved to the "new front" 1" quick release buckle.


Catalogue # 62A2 Improved Universal ONE SIZE FITS ALL - may be used for either Right or Left $ 68.56



 T62A Acromioclavicular Splint DISCONTINUED

For those who prefer the metal buckle connections.


This device fits both left and right from small to large Universal $ 54.05



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