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WHOLESALE ONLY Orthopedic Splints and Supports for the Professional's Office and Clinic as well as

Hospital Orthopedic Appliances for Surgery, ER and the Orthopedic Floor

updated 2/8/22

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All products proudly made in the USA since 1974.

We manufacture an entire line of orthopedic products. For more than 44 years we have supplied the medical community with orthopedic medical devices (appliances) such as sacro lumbar belts, dorsal lumbar belts both corsets and moldable insert, Ottenberg style elbow splint,pelvic traction belts, arm slings, cervical collars, acromioclavicular splints, ankle supports,ect. Our product line includes mobility and lifting aids for industry as well as carpal tunnel splints and rotation limiting splints, wrist supports and wraps. We also have a complete line of neoprene supports.



Click on the ac splint to see how we have improved it. See application instructions also.

Click on the Plantar Faciitis Support picture for information, application instructions and print out suggested excercise program.

Sports Medicine

We have a brand new wrap for shin splints for runners, gymnasts, basketball and soccer, ect. It has been very well received. It ends the need for endless taping of the athletes. They no longer have to shave their legs or endure the hair pulling tape removal. Trainers like it because the athletes themselves can put it on thus saving them considerable time and complaints.

We can supply you with a complete line of neoprene products for orthopedic and sports medicine. We design and manufacture orthopedic splints, slings and supports.
We have an entire line of neoprene supports products for the wrist, elbow, knee, thigh, abdominal binder, tennis elbow, shoulder and ankle.
We also have a neoprene back support for active people, bikers, hikers and golfers. This supports has four way stretch and is very comfortable to wear. And it should improve your golf game.

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